➜ ~ jupyter notebook The Jupyter HTML Notebook.

这将启动一个基于tornado的HTML笔记本服务器,它提供一个html5/ javascript笔记本客户端。


Subcommands are launched as jupyter-notebook cmd [args]. For information on using subcommand ‘cmd’, do: jupyter-notebook cmd -h.

stop Stop currently running notebook server for a given port password Set a password for the notebook server. list 列出当前运行的Notebook服务.


Arguments that take values are actually convenience aliases to full Configurables, whose aliases are listed on the help line. For more information on full configurables, see ‘–help-all’.

–script DEPRECATED, IGNORED –pylab DISABLED: use %pylab or %matplotlib in the notebook to enable matplotlib. –debug set log level to logging.DEBUG (maximize logging output) –no-browser 在启动服务以后不在浏览器中打开一个窗口. –allow-root 允许notebook在root用户下运行. -y Answer yes to any questions instead of prompting. –no-mathjax Disable MathJax

MathJax is the javascript library Jupyter uses to render math/LaTeX. It is
very large, so you may want to disable it if you have a slow internet
connection, or for offline use of the notebook.

When disabled, equations etc. will appear as their untransformed TeX source. --no-script
DEPRECATED, IGNORED --generate-config
generate default config file --certfile=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.certfile)
Default: u''
SSL/TLS 认证文件所在全路径. --ip=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.ip)
Default: 'localhost'
notebook服务会监听的IP地址. --pylab=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.pylab)
Default: 'disabled'
DISABLED: use %pylab or %matplotlib in the notebook to enable matplotlib. --log-level=<Enum> (Application.log_level)
Default: 30
Choices: (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARN', 'ERROR', 'CRITICAL')
Set the log level by value or name. --port-retries=<Integer> (NotebookApp.port_retries)
Default: 50
如果指定的端口不可用,则要尝试其他端口的数量. --notebook-dir=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.notebook_dir)
Default: u''
用于笔记本和内核的目录。 --keyfile=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.keyfile)
Default: u''
SSL/TLS 私钥文件所在全路径. --client-ca=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.client_ca)
Default: u''
用于ssl/tls客户端身份验证的证书颁发证书的完整路径. --config=<Unicode> (JupyterApp.config_file)
Default: u''
Full path of a config file. --port=<Integer> (NotebookApp.port)
Default: 8888
notebook服务会监听的IP端口. --transport=<CaselessStrEnum> (KernelManager.transport)
Default: 'tcp'
Choices: [u'tcp', u'ipc'] --browser=<Unicode> (NotebookApp.browser)
Default: u''
Specify what command to use to invoke a web browser when opening the
notebook. If not specified, the default browser will be determined by the
`webbrowser` standard library module, which allows setting of the BROWSER
environment variable to override it.

To see all available configurables, use --help-all


jupyter notebook                       # start the notebook
jupyter notebook --certfile=mycert.pem # use SSL/TLS certificate
jupyter notebook password              # enter a password to protect the server

[C 20:45:20.914 NotebookApp] Bad config encountered during initialization: [C 20:45:20.915 NotebookApp] Could not decode ‘\xe6\x9c\xaa\xe5\x91\xbd\xe5\x90\x8d’ for unicode trait ‘untitled_notebook’ of a LargeFileManager instance.



在启动命令之前加上 LANG=zn 即命令为:


LANG=zn jupyter notebook